New Hope City

by Gold Tone Steel

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It is the year 2045*. An overpopulated world is struggling to sustain itself. Few natural resources remain following decades of global war. New Hope City is the last remaining place where humans can exist free from the robotic overlords. Built in a nuclear desert on the ruins of what was once the largest metropolis in the world, its glassy skyscrapers stand defiant against the machine.

An elite band of bounty hunters defend the city from human drones, sent by the robots to destroy New Hope City from within. Hiding within every strata of society, the drones are a constant threat to the safety of the population and flushing them out is a full-time activity.

Tony Steel is one of the most successful drone hunters to roam the streets of New Hope City. Driving fast cars and riding faster bikes, Tony's love of adrenaline is surpassed only by the thrill of the kill. Some say that after "disposing" of thousands of drones, Tony has become cold and detached and is becoming more of a threat than the drones themselves.

One cold morning, October 2045, the sun rises over an abandoned highway on the outskirts of the city. A faint light glimmers on the horizon...

* In the future.


released October 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Gold Tone Steel Bristol, UK

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